Meet Our Team

Andrew Park

My name is Andrew Park. I am in Project Management and Web Development for Opptin, I am attending Penn State University at University Park campus. I just finished my junior year of PSU and I have an experience of Java. Thanks for the opportunity of Internship in Opptin and I will try my best to complete not only 300 hours for graduation but also for the experience for the future life.

Unnati Singla

I'm a senior at Penn State York. I am majoring in Information Sciences and Technology, specializing in Design and Development with a minor in Business. I have a lot of experience in Web Development and I worked as a full time developer while I was earning a diploma in Computer Technology. I have also worked as a Social Media Analyst and have learned a lot about market research and product growth, development and marketing in this period. I love programming and have experience with scripting and markup languages such as Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, PHP and Bootstrap. I have worked with Advanced Java and MySQL for work with Applets and Java Database Connections as well as Servlets. I have also worked as a graphic designer and worked with the Adobe suite as well as done work on Web UX/UI for multiple websites. I love working on teams and as a part of a course, I co-lead a team for a project in Human Centered Designs where we redesigned the McDonald's kiosk!

I am really excited about working with the teams here to do more with my skills for OpptIn!

Alison Chow

My name is Alison Chow. I am apart of Marketing and Project Management for Opptin. I'm currently going into my 5th year at Penn State. I originally started off as a Business major here at Penn State then switched to Electrical Engineering then to Data Science. I always knew I wanted to be in the business industry, however, I realized I wanted to work more on the backend of businesses in functionality and programming but electrical engineering was a little too extreme on the opposite end. Ideally I would like to do a combination of the two which is how I ended up with Data Science. I am originally from Princeton, New Jersey. In addition to academics, I am passionate about travelling, figure skating, snowboarding, and food and cooking. I was an international competitive figure skater for about 13 years, I competed in Taiwan, Thailand, and France representing Taiwan and have been continuing my passion for figure skating by teaching at Pegula Ice Arena here at Penn State.

Nicholas Khouri

My name is Nicholas Khouri and I am a college student from East Stroudsburg University studying computer science and computer security. I am apart of the Web Development team for Opptin. I have had a passion for computers starting in high school and still have the same passion today as I did in the beginning. My main focuses in the field are Web Application Development, Databases, and Robotics Engineering. Some projects I have worked on include creating a full stack web application for the Computer Science Organization to promote events, have a member login system, and have a way to rent out equipment. I have also worked on a robotic vision project which involved image processing and object recognition so the arm can recognize and pick up the objects. Most of the project involved reverse engineering many of the mechanisms so the arm would work on our more modern platform. I am very passionate about my work and plan to bring my skills to Opptin where I can help make this idea into reality.

Bilwa Joglekar

My name is Bilwa and I am currently studying Masters in User Experience design at Thomas Jefferson University. I am apart of the U.X./U.I Development team for Opptin. As a user experience designer, it’s my mission to create an intuitive and delightful user experience in every step of the user’s journey by backing it up with strong research. By constantly challenging myself in my design work, I keep up-to-date with new skills and technologies in interface design. My strongest skill is User research and design, making the design intuitive and easy to learn for first time users.

My past experience as an architect helped me in making the transition into UX Design. Both roles focus on designing for and researching about the user. Architecture is in the physical world while UX Design is in the digital world. However, I realized that continuing

as an architect meant I would have little opportunity to directly engage with users. For this reason, I realized that User Experience Design and User Research is something I can truly enjoy as a long-life career.

Ramaan Ansley

My name is Ramaan Ansley. I am apart of U.X./U.I for Opptin.  BA Graphic Design from St.Augustines University, currently enrolled in Thomas Jefferson’s Master of Science in User Experience and Interaction Design graduation date December 2019.

Ramaan specializes in  User centered designs and Research  and uses UX research methods to problem solve and better cater to the user.

Nicholas Hess

My name is Nicholas Hess, I am a junior studying Computer Science at East Stroudsburg University. I am apart of U.X./U.I. Development for Opptin. I have a basis in both Java and C++, and want to learn more. I have some interpersonal skills and a strong will to help others. I also try to be at least somewhat funny.

Derek Warter

My name is Derek Warter. I am a part of Research and Development and Web Development for Opptin. I am an honors status junior studying computer science at East Stroudsburg University. My primary interests in computer science concern the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, although I'm happy to design and implement more-or-less anything so long as it holds my interest. I continue a diverse range of projects ranging from Opptin, to a rudimentary artificial neural network API in Python, to photography, geometry scanning, and 3D modeling. I hope to gain professional experience and gain a deeper understanding of collaboration in programming through Opptin on top of simply implementing a novel idea.

Eric Baker

My name is Eric Baker and I am a computer engineering student at Penn State University. I am apart of Android development, Marketing, and Research and Development for Opptin. Following my current study abroad in Australia, I will be going into the last year of my degree. After my first year, I studied abroad in China and did an internship with a local financial group there who had me develop programs that revolved around web-scraping and data-manipulation with Python. I have since worked as an undergraduate researcher in Penn State’s College of Engineering for around 2 years. During this period, I received two grants to work on projects that involved natural language processing (NLP) and data-analysis/manipulation with machine learning. Last semester, I interned with Diebold Nixdorf as a computer engineer in their technology department’s R&D group, where I got the chance to work on a variety of projects and applications. In my free time when I am not outside and active, I have been working on developing my own website to improve my skills and test different ideas out.

Devrajsinh Jadeja

Hi, my name is Devrajsinh Jadeja, I am Senior majoring in Information Sciences and Technology (Integration Application) with minor in Security Risks Analysis (Cyber Security) at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park. I am apart of Project Management at Opptin. I have had many leadership experiences in the past such as: being THON Chair, Student Government Association Senator, The Council of Commonwealth Student Governments (CCSG) Programming Director and Computer Science club's Vice President. All my past roles as a leader led me to being a summer 2019 Intern for Opptin where I would like to further my leadership experience.

Some fun facts about me are that I can speak four languages, I have been to six countries, and I like to go out of my comfort zone and try new things!

Omkar Sawant

I am Omkar Sawant and I am a Junior at Penn State York. I am apart of the IOS and Marketing teams in Opptin. My major is Information Science and Technology with a focus in Integration and Application and pursuing a minor in business. My cumulative GPA is 3.68. I have experience in IOS development and developed a prototype for a company in summer 2018. I also worked for a Network Marketing firm and have experience in managing a team of 15 people. My major focuses on ERP systems and have experience on working with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. In spring semester I audited a Corporation Finance class to get a better idea of how business works in corporations and did a ratio analysis on 3 gaming companies, Ubisoft, EA and Activision and compared their ratios to show how these companies compete against each other. I am looking forward to work with Optin and use my experience to apply in this project and learn new things in the fields of blockchain, VR etc.

Arunjit Singh

My name is Arunjit Singh, I am currently a senior at Penn State University. I am apart of Project Management and Security for Opptin. I am majoring in Information and System Technology with a Minor in Security Risk Analysis. I have prior experience in coding languages such as C++ as well as Java and Python. I am also experienced in IT project management as well as human centered design for both web and mobile applications.

Sahil Vachhani

Hi, my name is Sahil Vachhani. I am apart of the Marketing team for Opptin. I am a Junior majoring in Computer Science. I consider myself as focused and a hard-working individual. I am always eager about learning more about technology and how it has advanced over the years.

Although I have no work experience in the technology field, I have worked jobs that involved time-management and teamwork. I do have experience with programming. I worked with Java and C++ for my school projects. Also, I have done a couple of projects during my summer and winter breaks, where I generated a game of monopoly using Java and GUI. I have also developed a skateboard shop register using C++. And currently, I am building a website for my brother’s beer and cigar shop using PHP and HTML.

Skyler Santiago

My name is Skyler Santiago. I am currently studying Information, Science, and Technology at Pennsylvania State University. I am on the Research and Development team at Opptin and I have an interest in video game development and design.

Dante Paniccia

My name is Dante Paniccia lead android app developer for Opptin, I am an Information Science & Technology undergraduate student at Penn State University; skilled

in Python, Java, front-end development, Arduino programming and various additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, with fluency in Italian.

Timmy Habeeb

Timmy is a junior at Penn State studying Biomedical and Mechanical engineering. I am apart of the U.X./U.I. and Project Management team for Opptin.

Christopher Knighton

My name is Christopher Knighton, currently a junior at Marywood University for a Major in Computer Science, and Minors in Math and Astronomy. I am apart of the Project Management team for Opptin.  I am an aspiring author with several published books and several more written. I have experience and interest in writing website content with experience from my internships, class experience, and professional experience.

Andrew Fetter

My name is Andrew Fetter, I am a dual major in computer science and computer security with a minor in mathematics. I am apart of the Android and Security teams for Opptin.I am currently in my senior year at East Stroudsburg University and the President of the Computer Science Organization on campus. I have always had a drive to help create a world in which we use technology as a tool and not a crutch. I started programming in my freshman year of high school in java. Ever since computer science has become my passion. My favorite niche has to be mobile development, working with kotlin on the android side of things. I have made multiple small android applications and working on getting one published to the Play Store at the moment. Recently I have been working on learning to use react-native to expand my horizons, so I can add iOS and cross-platform development to my toolbelt. Further, I have had experience in C++, Python, C#, .NET, and SQL. I have made chat applications and simple games in java. My off time is spent between gaming or hitting the trails, whether that be on a bike or a snowboard.

Arslan Shahid

I am Arslan Shahid and graduated from Stony Brook University with Computer Science and Applied Math & Statistics. I am apart of the Research and Development and Web Development for Opptin. I have experience in Java programming as well as in web technologies, i.e. Angular, JavaScript. I have worked on an android application and have familiarity with Python, SAS, and R. I am a passionate programmer and love to do problem-solving. I am very excited to be a part of this project.

Aishwarya Chinchankar

My name is Aishwarya Chinchankar. I am a Junior at Penn State York. My major is Information Sciences and Technology and minor is Business. I have experience with Programming Languages like Java, C, C++, Python. I have deep interest and experience with Prototyping and Human Computer Interaction. I was part of an internship for 4 months where I worked with an IT Solutions team to develop mobile applications. In this team, I worked under the prototype department and used for designing the prototype.At Penn State, I lead a team to create a dynamic prototype for LionPath. LionPath is an application for students and faculty which centralized all the functions they use on a daily basis. I am currently learning the concepts of SAP ERP and Analytics. I have been in the field technology for a substantial period of time and I plan on gaining more experience.

Dibyendu Das

I’m Dibyendu Das, a Ph.D. student at Stony Brook University. I am apart of the Android Development, Web Development, and Research and Development for Opptin.  My research interest lies on graph and combinatorial optimisation problems and their application in society. I’m basically from India and before coming here, I’ve completed my masters from IIT Kharagpur, India in Computer Science. I also have 2 years of experience in the software industry working in various fields from web development (full stack) to cyber security and network forensics.

Chris Chung

My name is Chris Chung and am interested in learning new coding languages to prepare myself for the future. I began coding in in the fall of 2018 and so far the only language I know is Python. Before I began coding, I was always interested in technology in general, especially with the hardware of computers. Learning what each part of a computer did and how far a computer can be improved as a whole amazed me. I also have a small hobby in art, taking a few art courses like digital design in my high school years. Although, when I began learning how to code in my first semester of college, I developed an interest in coding. In summary, I have found that coding is something I would love to continue doing in the future,  and to improve my coding skills I would like to intern at Opptin.

Patrick Wetzel

My name is Patrick Wetzel and I am a computer science major at Bloomsburg Univsersity. I am excited to be apart of the future of technology as well as learn and help others learn ways to better ourselves.  I have experience writing basic webpages using HTML and Java Servlet, as well as using and connecting SQL databases to those pages. I have had several semesters of Java programming classes and have also done some very basic developer work on Java-based game source code.

Collin Kleest

I am a Sophmore at Penn State University studying Information Sciences & Technology with a focus in Desing & Development. I am also minoring in Security and Risk Analysis. I am originally from Collegeville, PA. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, skiing and working on personal projects. 

Muthu Nagesh

I’m Muthu Nagesh a Data Science Engineering Major who attends Penn State University and I’m also involved in many different  organizations and has a lot of experience in Java, C++, Phyton and SQL and HTML also the recruitment Chairmen of Phi Kappa Tau at the Omicron Chapter.  

Marvin Tailor

Hi I'm Marvin Tailor, born in India and came to U.S. in 2009. I'm currently pursuing Computer Science Bachelors degree at Pennsylvania State University at University Park, anticipated to graduate at the end of Spring 2020. Over the years at Penn State University, I have worked with C/C++, Java, Python, MySQL, and Verilog. I have worked on plenty of projects on these languages, for C I have created a proxy server, and with Verliog I have created a 5-Stagepipelined CPU. I currently have no work experience in the Computer Science field

Shawn Stone

Shawn Stone was born and raised in the Lancaster, Pa area. He is currently studying Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics at Penn State University, University Park. Shawn chose to study Computer Science because he believes it is paving the way towards a brighter future for everyone. He has developed many IOS applications as a hobby during the summer and has experience with a large variety of coding languages and practices

William Kennedy

My name is William Kennedy. I am a rising sophomore studying computer science at Binghamton University. I have experience in lower level languages such as C++ and Java. I was the main software developer for my high school robotics team as a senior. I programmed a tele operated mode and an autonomous mode for the robot in Java. During this past year, I worked with the Binghamton IEEE robotics team. I used C++ to send UDP packets between the robot and controller to monitor the connection. I also helped draw coordinates from UDP packets to a GUI. In addition, I have experience in high level languages, mainly JavaScript and Python. I have experience scraping stock market data from websites and manipulating images with python. I also worked in a team of ten students to help rebuild one of the school newspaper’s websites by writing an article storage service with NodeJS and MySQL. I have also been working on an online startup in NodeJS and MySQL, although we may switch the Go language in the future. I have extensive experience working on collaborative projects using a variety of languages. I am excited to make an impact working with Opptin while gaining valuable experience at the same time. I believe that data security today is one of the most important issues facing anyone who uses the internet, and I want the opportunity to help keep personal information safe.

Wanqin Chen

My name is Wanqin Chen and I am a junior in IST college at Penn State. I have experienced with many different project, especially on UI and UX design, also I have learned Java and Python. I love work in group project to exchange different ideas with people.

Jacon Fiore

My name is Jacob Fiore. My goal is to create content for people to entertain them. This could be through TV shows, web series, movies or random videos. I hope to be able to inspire other people to be creative and to take the chance and follow their dreams and be the best they can be. I am able to use many Adobe programs, a camera, and do video work. My pasttimes include video games, karate, animation, and video making.

Malcolm Sciandra

My name is Malcolm Sciandra. I am 20 years old and a student at Penn State Wilkes-Barre. I am studying Information Science and Technology. I've been interested in computers ever since I was able to use one. I'm an aspiring computer programmer, and would like to translate this skill into a successful career in software development or a related field.


I have great technical and communication skills that allow me to make a forthright contribution to my team. I am very motivated to learn how I can improve my programming skills as well as develop a pleasant user experience. I have an excellent academic background with a will to keep up and stay motivated in a rapidly changing technical field.

Tyler Cetnar

I’m Tyler Cetnar, an East Stroudsburg University senior studying computer science, computer security, and mathematics. One of my favorite courses was Networking and Data Communications. In this class I was able to work on a project that allowed me to learn about thread and port programming, and how to connect multiple clients to the same server. I loved learning technology since I was a child. In high school I had my first programming class and I really enjoyed it, I really like the problem-solving aspect of programing.I have been a back-end developer at ESU for three years. I have learned many valuable things such as good development practices and honing my problem-solving skills. I am excited to apply what I’ve learned and to help take the next step in information security here at Opptin.

Adam Shay

My name is Adam Shay and I'm a sophomore currently enrolled at the Pennsylvania College of Technology in the Software Dev. Major. 

I've developed small games, websites, and programs in my free time and have previously been involved in revamping my local school district's technology program.

During my internship, I intend to work alongside other developers to produce something revolutionary.

Ming-Ju Li

I am Ming-Ju Li, a master student in Electrical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University focusing on software engineering. I am a passionate software engineer who is happy to take any challenge and gain interests and skills with it.

My interests lay in general software engineer, back-end engineer, and machine learning. I am currently working at Crowd AI lab as a research assistant to build Alexa skills. I gain a lot of interests in web development during the time I work at Crowd AI Lab. 

Shraddha Venkatraman

My name is Shraddha Venkatraman and I am a Junior at Penn State, University Park majoring in Information Sciences and Technology with a minor in Security and Risk Analysis. I am passionate about Human Centered Design and Human Computer Interaction. Going forward , I hope to gain experience in these areas by working as a UX/UI Designer, Systems Analyst or Human Computer Interface Specialist.

Adama Doumbia

My name is Adama Doumbia. I am currently a student at Penn State University attending the abington campus. My major is Information Science an Technology (IST). Growing up I always wanted to do something along the lines of engineering or programming. This led me to learning the basics of Python, a little bit of java, and sql.