The social media scandal is the biggest event in tech for the last 10 years. User data were stolen, handed over to shadowy third-party developers and political advertisers, and the privacy of millions of people invaded.


Opptin provides the solution. When you Opptin, you make a private, voluntary connection with the people, places, and things around you. Your data is never shared. This experience is private to the person, place, and thing. Apps are provided to make your experience functional.

How Opptin Works


Opptin uses indoor location technology to pinpoint where you are within a particular location. Not to invade your privacy, but to secure it. Opptin works in spaces big and small, from stadiums to classrooms.


Once a user is Oppted into a particular space they'll be able to collaborate with other users in that space in real-time, as well as have access to a set of useful apps specific to that location, to help you accomplish location-specific tasks - and of course, your interaction is private within that space.


Creators of these spaces will be able to modify what widgets appear and rearrange the layout of these widgets as they see fit, to create a custom UI for their business, event, classroom, and many other locations.